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fightfire941 said: Hey one of ur fav followers here! I have a question man. I have an undercut but im having trouble keeping my hair slicked back. What product or process works better with keeping it nice and slicked back? Thanks man!

Glad you like man, he best thing to do is damp the hair, and blow dry it back using a around brush, this will allow the hair a bit of volume but teach it to slick back. Then run some pomade through with fingers until evenly spread. I have to say I find uppercut deluxe works the best everytime! Then comb through with a thick toothed comb leaving you nice and slick bro!


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samrambamyamam said: What's the best way of becoming a barber?

Learning from a barber. Some old school mixed with the new. 💈✂️

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kitten-pout said: You are very cute and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

Thank you! 🙈 I’m having a much better day now I’ve seen this! I hope you have a good day too 🙋 x

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Sorry mum.
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Sorry mum.